Global EverGreening Alliance

The Global EverGreening Alliance works with, and through, its numerous member organisations - and with governments and multi-lateral agencies - to implement massive land restoration programs. In so doing, the Alliance fosters collaboration, learning, sharing and harmonisation across institutions, sectors and borders.



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  • Global EverGreening Alliance Library Resources
    This is where you can find details on how to use the Global EverGreening Alliance Digital Library and Institutional Repository. This space also contains information generated by the Alliance to share with its Members, Fellows, and the world.
  • Institutional Repository
    The Global EverGreening Alliance Institutional Repository collects the works created by the Fellows and houses them in one place; making their knowledge accessible to a wider audience and sharing their intellectual legacy with future generations.
  • Library
    The Global EverGreening Alliance Library is a completely digital library which utilises, builds on, and connects with the work undertaken within the current resource centre on our website. It collects and shares information related to the Global EverGreening Alliance’s organisational goals and provides equitable access to reliable information through the reduction of barriers related to discovery, access, language, and confidence.