Impact of forest growth conditions on the wood density: the case of Amur Region

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The problem of determining the dependence of the chainsaw on the density of wood, substantiation of effective options for the number of chainsaws in the assortment and whiplash method of logging is quite relevant. In the Far East of Russia, in particular, in the Amur region, the forest growth conditions are different from the western ones, and therefore, the properties of the wood differ from the generally accepted ones. The article describes forest growth conditions that influence the properties of the wood in areas of the Amur region. Using the method of density determination, the density of larch, pine and birch were studied for first time in the areas of the region. The dependence of the density on humidity, age, species, season of the year and the area of growth was found out. The results of the research showed that under humidity of 70%, the density of larch was 1088.99 kg/m3, it was 919.8 kg/m3 for pine and it was for birch 915.9 kg/m3.
© 2018 Natalia A. Romanova et al., published by Sciendo. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License - . The Version of Scholarly Record of this Article is published in Folia Forestalia Polonica, Series A – Forestry, 2018, Vol. 60 (4), 292–298, available online at: . Keywords: forest growth conditions of the Amur region; Amur region; wood density; Dahurian larch; Scots pine; Asian white birch; wood moisture content.
Romanova, N., Zhirnov, A., Yust,N. & Fucheng, X. (2018). Impact of forest growth conditions on the wood density: the case of Amur Region. Folia Forestalia Polonica, 60(4) 292-298.