Tailored pathways toward revived farmland biodiversity can inspire agroecological action and policy to transform agriculture

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Advances in agrochemistry in the 19th century, along with increased specialisation and intensification of food production, transformed agriculture triggering a farmland biodiversity crisis. Present economic incentives reinforce this crisis to an unprecedented scale. As the loss of farmland biodiversity undermines the basis of agroecosystems’ productivity and, hence, the sustainability of food systems, another transformation is urgently needed. Here, we advocate a concept of future pathways tailored to the characteristics of agricultural land systems and relate these to targeted farming approaches using agroecological principles. The concept depicts a transformative vision to effectively re-establish farmland biodiversity, a cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. It has the potential to support a systematic refinement of existing biodiversity and agricultural policies to enhance their impact and benefit for people and nature.
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Sietz, D., Klimek, S. & Dauber, J. Tailored pathways toward revived farmland biodiversity can inspire agroecological action and policy to transform agriculture. Commun Earth Environ 3, 211 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s43247-022-00527-1